In addition to designing and building your web site we can also host it on our ultra-fast, fault-tolerant Unix or NT servers. Our servers have a great track record. No more lost clients because you web site is down.

Free Hosting: With the free package you would only pay for the design of your webpage. We will then host your site for free under our server We do reserve the right to advertise on your site with this package.

Basic Hosting: With the basic package you would pay the regular cost for buying your own domain name you already have a domain name)and a DNS mapping fee of $85us/$130cdn per year. The mapping fee covers the cost of directing your domain name to your website location on our server. For a small additonal cost we can also provide you with your own email accounts anyone@yournamecom. We do reserve the right to advertise on your site with this package.

Enhanced Hosting: For $65us/$95cdn per month. You would get the DNS mapping on our server using your own domain name We would provide statistics about your site. Including hourly, monthly and daily access. The pages that are accessed most frequently. The country where people who view your site are located, and the search engines and words used to find your site. We will submit your site to major search engines every 6 weeks and we will provide personalized e-mail accounts


We will happily work within your budget to give you the best site possible!
We are happy to make small changes to your site free of charge!
We will market your site to major search engines.
We can create multimedia presentations.
We will help your site grow with your business.
We will provide you with personal service.


I have some web space. Do I need to host with you?

Absolutely not. If you have space that is suitable for your site, definitely use it. If you require special items such as databases, feedback forms or shopping carts we do recommend you host with us. Our server is optimized for these, and we are then available at all times to monitor and correct any problems that may arise.

Note:We reserve the right to shut down or suspend access to websites that spam or promote hateful content. Please no adult sites.

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