May, 2015

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Why customer surveys should serve as a vital business tool


You may consider your website’s analytic tool as essential for crafting your customer’s online experience. You may think that an outside marketing or consultancy team are vital to guiding your business decisions. And you may rely upon your financial data to serve as one of the only tools for product or service range development. However what you may not consider, or may not even have ever considered, as vital to your business’s success is customer surveys, and the role in which they can play in guiding your business direction. So here we take a look at just what such a tool could mean for you and why they may ultimately prove to be essential to your business. survey

Customer surveys: Driving customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and long-term profitability

Customer surveys are highly flexible forms of data gathering tools; they can gain feedback upon how satisfied your customers are, or explore what it is that encourages loyalty to your brand. However the ultimate aim of customer surveys, regardless of whether your business is researching opinions on a new product or insight into general satisfaction levels, is to drive long-term profitability and growth.

Specific questions, insightful answers, intelligent decisions

For some companies customer surveys may remain as something that seems both archaic and outmoded; whilst we’ll deal with the subject of the capabilities of today’s surveys in the next section, it may be pertinent to expand upon just what questions can be asked through customer surveys, and how insightful answers can go on to make intelligent decisions. Surveys are also a great way to deal with governance issues.

As a central point of importance, questions can be targeted towards customers, employees or to the wider market.

When targeting customers today’s surveys can capture data in real-time and at the point of product or service use. Questions can lead to answers that draw upon what it is that makes, or would make, those customers satisfied, engaged or loyal to your brand, product or service.

However, when we look towards market surveys the questions and targeting tactics can and should differ drastically in comparison. Such questions may aim to illicit insight into previously unestablished market and customer needs, or they could aim to gain data that will superficially answer questions in relation to product or service diversification. To this end surveys can truly be built around your business, your future plans and your products and services.

What can online customer surveys do for you?

Customer surveys have come a long way since being paper and pen based and today drive change in businesses of all industries around the world. As a company that chooses to use the power of customer surveys you can specifically expect to benefit from:

– Surveys sent at the right time to the right people that gather the insight that you need, whatever it may be.

– Surveys that feed invaluable data to the right departments gathered from relevant customers.

– Surveys made with the right online tool that are easy to create and deploy within minutes, not days.

– Advanced surveys today that can offer a far more immersive and rich an experience for participants than previous paper and pen surveys. Specifically this can involve media as well as being mobile ready to fit around your participant’s busy lifestyle.

– Surveys that can be sent or placed in front of the right eyes at times that follow specific events. This may be post-purchase, or after a potential customer has browsed your website for a set period of time. So effective are these forms of survey that research has found them to be 40% more accurate in the data that they gather and the insight that they provide.

It’s clear from what customer survey tools can today offer, and what they are able to achieve, that they are indeed a vital business tools for the company who wants to drive change as well as profitability and growth. What’s more with customer survey tools more cost effective than ever the ROI from such tools make them an obvious choice for the modern business seeking advancement.