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 Corporate Intelligence is not a spy game

When you think of spies you tend of think of Ian Fleming James Bond, you don’t really think of them in the consumer way.  Some people may disagree with theRead More >

Sdxc memory card? Which one is the best for you?

Keep your current Android device: Organize and update A file cabinet found in the Sandisk 64GB Ultra Android Micro SD Memory Card It is no new thing that computers areRead More >

Developing an employee engagement strategy

How planning for employee engagement encourages engagement Employment engagement statistics have recently reported that over half of all businesses have employees which are either disengaged or not at all engagedRead More >

Why customer surveys should serve as a vital business tool

You may consider your website’s analytic tool as essential for crafting your customer’s online experience. You may think that an outside marketing or consultancy team are vital to guiding yourRead More >

 Corporate Intelligence is not a spy game

corporate intelligence

When you think of spies you tend of think of Ian Fleming James Bond, you don’t really think of them in the consumer way.  Some people may disagree with the fact that corporate intelligence is not a spy game. Yes other companies do spy on each other, for example Tesco would send out their worker to shop at Sainsbury’s, opticians ring around to see how much the other companies are charging for eye test and this information is reported back to the boss; however it doesn’t take a genius to work it out as it is out on display for everyone to see. This is known as competitive intelligence and it is perfectly legal to snoop around your competition as long as you follow the legal code of ethics.

Corporate intelligence is the analysing of market data, research and intelligence across the globe, also known as competitive intelligence; basically it all about knowing your customer, market and future predictions amongst other things. Here are some benefits of why corporate intelligence is useful:

By asking someone to analyse your company and current market, you will understand your competitors more; past, present and future. This will come in handy when you come round to do your yearly forecast. Also it will enable you to develop more competitive strategies. Last but not least it will help us make decisions for future investments. Our management team will adapt a better understanding and will be enable them to perform better. A company following the legal code of conducts will investigate the following for you:

Assist you to comprehend the truth about a company such as the activities, reputation, source of funds, customers, licensee, business partners and connections of how to gain target etc.

They will also identify and protect against potential incidence and investigation of fraud or deceptions especially where the FCPA is concerned.

If you have any related-party transactions and any suspicious behaviour then a company who is skilled in corporate intelligence will investigate this for you.

Another reason is that they can find crucial intelligence which will helps you with major decision, strategies or disputes you may have.

They can also trace and recover misappropriated or disputed assets and funds .Other key elements that you should find out about your business.

Customer relations  

How do we want our clients to view us, are we good value for money or do we want to be quality above quantity?


How do we protect our production line and stop others from copying our ideas?

Internal relation

How we manage ourselves and what is our attitude towards the company. A team that is treated well will perform more superior for us.

Corporate intelligence

What information is important to us as some collected data may turn out be useless. It is up to our team to sift through any bits of information and determine whether is any good for us.


What information do we want to know about our customer and supplier? What kind of person buys our stock? Where is our supplier and how much is our wholesale price?

To help gain this important information companies employ a firm who have the correct skills, techniques and tools for the job.

Espionage is not competitive intelligence

There are other people who try to ruin it for others by taking part in espionage also known as spying.

Spying is often known as the dark side of the competitive intelligence. This is because corrupt individual tend to gather information on other companies competitors illegally therefore forcing some companies to take secret action.

For example back in 1999 Proctor and Gamble had to admit to illegal espionage on their competitor Unilever. They resulted in methods such as going through the bins, posing as workers inside and gaining valuable information on their haircare products. As soon as Proctor and Gamble found out three managers where fired and they owned up to Unilever, which in the corporate intelligence sector is unheard of.  It was agreed that Proctor and Gamble would dispose of the information and not use it; they were also told to delay some of the release of some of their products.

But what is the difference between espionage and corporate intelligence?

The difference is simple, with competitive intelligence there is a code of ethics to follow which includes being open and honest about everything even if what they discover is not pleasant about the company. A spy also used different methods for example they may use bribery, blackmail, surveillance etc.

When looking for a company to conduct some methods it is best to a little bit of research.  A business that shrouds themselves in secrecy adopting “if I told you I’d have to kill you approach” then it is most likely that the results will be produced illegally.

Therefore it is essential that we research corporate intelligence as in the long run it will be beneficial for our businesses and would make the industry a little more competitive however it is better if it is conducted in a professional legal way.


Sdxc memory card? Which one is the best for you?

Sdxc memory card?

Keep your current Android device: Organize and update

A file cabinet found in the Sandisk 64GB Ultra Android Micro SD Memory Card

It is no new thing that computers are requiring more and more storage space to function properly.

With computer prices in the hundreds if not thousands (depending on the brand), it is not necessarily the best option to purchase a new device. As more and more programs are being oriented to tablets and smartphones, more people are leaning to purchasing high storage tablets and notebooks, but again this may not be the best option if you are looking for storage options. Take the brand new Microsoft Surface 3 for an example. Where it offers a great many amazing features, the storage is 64gb. With a price tag of nearly £300, it would seem that for storage purposes, a cheaper more efficient way of managing data must be available.

The Sandisk 64GB Ultra Android Micro SD Memory Card provides this option.

Organize and update

A common misconception with Android devices is that they are unable to handle the new developments. Where it is true that some devices running on very old Android platforms will need to be updated, most devices are capable of the new apps, functions, and software put out by Android developers. Why then does the device crash or you get a message saying that you cannot load the desired app onto your device?

The answer is storage. Most devices which are freezing up and crashing are doing so because the device has not been updated, there are too many start up programs eating up the memory, there are too many programs taking up the memory of the device, or a combination of the three. By updating your device and then organizing your data onto the Sandisk 64gb ultra android micro sd memory card, you chances of being able to continue to use your device (and in many cases do so more efficiently) greatly increase.

Transfer from your mobile device to your computer with ease

Many mobile devices have a port for a micro card to be placed without the use of an adapter. This is especially true on smartphones and tablets which may or may not have the standard memory card slot.

An example of this would be a Craig’s tablet. The device requires a micro SD memory card to function. This is great to get the device up and going, but transferring data would pose a problem if left to just the micro card. Fortunately, the 64 GB Micro SD SDXC memory card comes with an adapter that is compatible with microSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC cards.

The adapter will fit into a regular SD port, which is great as most computers have a minimum of 2 SD ports but no mini SD ports. The importance of the SD adapter to the 64GB card is tremendous. By having a standard size card, you can transfer very large amounts of data on a variety devices without having to use OneDrive, Dropbox, or another “cloud ” software to get the data there.Sdxc memory card?

Will I benefit from having a 64gb Sandisk?

The 64gb disk is a great storage solution for the modern mobile world. Movie streaming and downloading has become the norm as major names such as Redbox, Vudu, Hulu, YouTube, and iTunes all offer HD downloads to Android devices. To have a full HD movie of 90 minutes from Netflix your average size will be 3 to 4 gb. Of course, more movies are getting closer to the 135 range so you can expect the file sizes to be around 5 to 6 gb shortly.

Considering this, a 64gb micro sd card will allow you to get 10 full HD movies at a resolution of 1080p stored successfully. If you are more apt to using your device for picture storage, you could store 32,768 2mb photos, 21,844 3mb photos, and 8,192 8mb MP3 photos.

I think that it is safe to say that you will not fill up card quickly. By using the sd card you can minimize the need to purchase a new android or tablet to accommodate your video and photo storage needs.

Sandisk 64GB Ultra Android Micro SD SDXC Memory Card Class 10 Specifications

The 64gb card offers high speeds for capturing Full HD video and Photos with a transfer speed of up to 48 MB/s. The UHS-1 makes the storage device ideal for the most modern Android devices. It is waterproof, temperature proof, x-ray proof, and shock proof.

Purchasing a 64gb SanDisk Micro Card with adapter

The sandisk 64gb memory card can be purchased from mydigibits for a fraction of what you would pay for a new computer or android device.


Developing an employee engagement strategy

employee engagement strategy

How planning for employee engagement encourages engagement

Employment engagement statistics have recently reported that over half of all businesses have employees which are either disengaged or not at all engaged in their work. This has sparked many business executives to re-envision their employee engagement strategy.

Where do I even begin in planning an employee engagement strategy?

Businesses which are seeking to implement an employee strategy need be understand that planning and implementation of an employee engagement strategy are ongoing. What is working one month may not work the next month. Employees emotions shift and so do the things which motivate your employees. Determine what motivates your employees to keep your employee engagement active.

Set a high bar but have a ladder to reach it

The best way to start an employee engagement strategy is to set goals that your employees can obtain. Do you want to have a record year in sales? Then make monthly or weekly goals. Employees are more apt to strive for a short term goal of say 100 products then to try to reach the overall goal of say 10,000 sales overall.

Allocate your tasks according to the importance that they have to your company. Too many tasks which are undertaken will surely result in disengaged employees. It is ok to have several goals, but if you do be sure to divide up those task so that employees are engaged in the company but not overwhelmed. For example: If your company is trying to become a leader in technology trends, then start with simple mobile app development. Simplify is further into either Android or Apple apps. Build up from there.

employee engagement strategyBecome a business that employees can identify with

One of the main issues which has caused for the fall of employee engagement  according to Questback is that employees do not identify with the work they are doing. This may be caused by the business hiring individuals that are willing to do the work but are unqualified to actually do the task, or from employees that feel that their job is just a list of duties and nothing more.

Your employee engagement strategy should focus on making the employee feel emotionally attached to the business. This means that you instill a since of duty and responsibility in your employees as well as make them feel like they are a part of the business. You can do this through many different activities. Initiatives, corporate meetings, and business transparency are just some ways in which other businesses are sparking employee engagement. Many companies are also implementing strategies to help employees with families better balance the time between work and home life. The goal again is to have the employee emotionally attached to their duties within the business.

Implement strategies which will encourage your employees to give feedback to policies and procedures, convey creative and innovative ideas for company issues, and rewards for those employees that go above and beyond what their “job description” entails. As most people work 8 hours or more a day, it is important that the individual feels like they are a part of the job for which they are dedicating so much of their time and energy to.

Use Employee and Customer Surveys to help develop your Employee Engagement Strategy

In order for your business to understand the needs of the customers as well as the engagement of the employees of that business, you are encouraged to conduct surveys on both the employees and customers of your business. Where in the past, the traditional method has been to use paper surveys, the digital age has allowed for creative and interactive surveys to be created for use on mobile devices, tablets, and all internet browsers.

Data which is collected from employee engagement surveys will quickly show you which areas of your business needs the most help. For example: if you find that your employees do not feel like the company cares for their health and wellbeing, then you can implement a safety seminar as well as perhaps increase the level of healthcare coverage offered to employees. If you want to see how specific employees are engaging your customers, you can have a survey which allows customers to rate employees upon completing their business with your company. The options are endless.

We are here for you

If you find that creating an employee engagement strategy is something which you need help in developing, the professionals at would love to help you develop surveys which will encourage your employees to be engaged with your business.  Our surveys can be completed using almost any mobile device, laptop, tablet, or internet device and delivers the results in real time.

Ensure that your business has the best possibility of being productive and profitable by decreasing the amount of disengaged employees. Hoping for the best employees is a task of folly. Planning, strategizing, and implementing an employment engagement strategy is the only way that a business will fully reach its potential.

Why customer surveys should serve as a vital business tool


You may consider your website’s analytic tool as essential for crafting your customer’s online experience. You may think that an outside marketing or consultancy team are vital to guiding your business decisions. And you may rely upon your financial data to serve as one of the only tools for product or service range development. However what you may not consider, or may not even have ever considered, as vital to your business’s success is customer surveys, and the role in which they can play in guiding your business direction. So here we take a look at just what such a tool could mean for you and why they may ultimately prove to be essential to your business. survey

Customer surveys: Driving customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and long-term profitability

Customer surveys are highly flexible forms of data gathering tools; they can gain feedback upon how satisfied your customers are, or explore what it is that encourages loyalty to your brand. However the ultimate aim of customer surveys, regardless of whether your business is researching opinions on a new product or insight into general satisfaction levels, is to drive long-term profitability and growth.

Specific questions, insightful answers, intelligent decisions

For some companies customer surveys may remain as something that seems both archaic and outmoded; whilst we’ll deal with the subject of the capabilities of today’s surveys in the next section, it may be pertinent to expand upon just what questions can be asked through customer surveys, and how insightful answers can go on to make intelligent decisions. Surveys are also a great way to deal with governance issues.

As a central point of importance, questions can be targeted towards customers, employees or to the wider market.

When targeting customers today’s surveys can capture data in real-time and at the point of product or service use. Questions can lead to answers that draw upon what it is that makes, or would make, those customers satisfied, engaged or loyal to your brand, product or service.

However, when we look towards market surveys the questions and targeting tactics can and should differ drastically in comparison. Such questions may aim to illicit insight into previously unestablished market and customer needs, or they could aim to gain data that will superficially answer questions in relation to product or service diversification. To this end surveys can truly be built around your business, your future plans and your products and services.

What can online customer surveys do for you?

Customer surveys have come a long way since being paper and pen based and today drive change in businesses of all industries around the world. As a company that chooses to use the power of customer surveys you can specifically expect to benefit from:

– Surveys sent at the right time to the right people that gather the insight that you need, whatever it may be.

– Surveys that feed invaluable data to the right departments gathered from relevant customers.

– Surveys made with the right online tool that are easy to create and deploy within minutes, not days.

– Advanced surveys today that can offer a far more immersive and rich an experience for participants than previous paper and pen surveys. Specifically this can involve media as well as being mobile ready to fit around your participant’s busy lifestyle.

– Surveys that can be sent or placed in front of the right eyes at times that follow specific events. This may be post-purchase, or after a potential customer has browsed your website for a set period of time. So effective are these forms of survey that research has found them to be 40% more accurate in the data that they gather and the insight that they provide.

It’s clear from what customer survey tools can today offer, and what they are able to achieve, that they are indeed a vital business tools for the company who wants to drive change as well as profitability and growth. What’s more with customer survey tools more cost effective than ever the ROI from such tools make them an obvious choice for the modern business seeking advancement.


How long should we wait with digital marketing?

marketing strategy

How long should we wait with digital marketing?

One of the biggest issues that companies face when they decide that they want to have a content marketing campaign is time. Companies are happy to pay for a digital agency to do some work for them but after a certain period of time they begin to become a little nervous when the activity has not produced the kind of results they wanted. It is very easy to panic when you are working with a digital agency, but we suggest that you resist the panic mode and instead consider the reality of working with digital agencies and marketing. In this article we will look at the realities. marketing strategy

The fact of the matter is that if you are working with online marketing it will take some time for any results to come through. So many companies do not realise this however, and this is the reason why they get jumpy and start to worry about the money they are paying to the agency. If you were to think about things carefully and objectively, you would realise that using a digital agency is a long term thing. The reality of the matter is that it may take six months before any gradual improvement takes place regarding traffic to your site, for example, and the enquiry levels regarding your product or service.

If it takes six months, so be it. As long as you are able to reconcile yourself to this fact you shouldn’t worry too much for that first half of the year. Obviously, keep in touch with your digital agency and be fully aware of the activity they are carrying out on your behalf. One fatal mistake that many companies make is to just leave the agency to it and wait for the results to come in.

If you don’t want to be calling them every day, at least insist upon a regular report, preferably weekly, that shows the activity that has been undertaken. This means you are kept in the loop and fully informed about what is going on regarding your company and its digital marketing.

If six months seems daunting, ask what will happen in three months. The digital agency should be able to give you feedback and testimonials from other clients who have had results within 3 to 6 months. If nothing happens after three months on a general basis, then you either accept that or you try another agency. You can’t change the way the current agency works, because that is how they do things. Their results come when their results come, and trying to force the issue by asking for more when their capacity is what it is means nothing more than a waste of time.

It is always worth waiting at least six months to find out what kind of results you get. There is one clear reason for this. On a general basis, companies tend to find that after six months their results go through the roof. As long as work is consistently being delivered by the agency, the six month period is generally seen as an embryonic period. After this amount of time, it is very rare indeed for a company not to see a boost in the number of enquiries and leads that come from the digital marketing.

It is therefore essential that you stay in touch with your agency and that you look forward to the six-month point. Nine times out of ten it is very clear that six months is just about long enough for the ground work to be laid and then for your campaign to really take off. Too many companies get tired and bored before the six-month point and waste all the money they have in the budget for marketing, only to find that if they waited a bit longer they would have seen their engagement with the audience increase massively.

It is arguable that you can have all the talent in the world in the agency that you’re working with, and a massive amount of work throughout the 3 to 6 months that you’re with them. But you may still not see results. This is simply because digital marketing is something that takes time, and only really brings any kind of results after a certain period. Once you have switched on to the fact that the process is largely beyond your control, you should feel better and be able to sit back and wait for the hard work to take effect.

Digital marketing is a very powerful and effective tool, and it will bring you results in the way of engagement and conversions. Just remember to allow the process to take hold, and be patient with that. That way, you’ll avoid disappointment and you can look forward to the good results to come after six months. Thanks to abacus marketing london for there help with this artcle.